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My name is Kimberly. I am a textile artist specializing in handpainted quilted wall hangings and silk scarves. My work is all one of a kind. I have various quilts, wall hangings, seasonal tree-skirts and scarves available for sale, and I also do commissions. Welcome to my site!

This site is under major renovations as I add in the quilting, drawing and soon-to-be-published art coloring book. I have a lot of projects being worked on simultaneously, and of course I want to show them to you in their most finished, perfect versions. Plus, I have this grand idea of adding a blog to this (maybe then you can see things before their perfect?) but that adds another learning curve. So I really have my hands full these days.

In the meantime, my etsy store link is Moonwhispers Etsy Shop and I will be in a flurry of adding new things there soon!

I hope you are finding amazing ways in your own life to express your own individual creativity that no-one else can know or express quite like You! If you're stuck and want some ideas, write me! May amazingness follow you today!

The scarf pictured above is an example of my handpainted silk artwork. This client's focus is on manifesting contact with people she has never met, but desires to work with.

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You may order above or contact me to discuss something more personal!

I do also paint regular silk accessories, and you may click on the link below for more examples of my work.

Brightest Blessings!!

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