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Who needs a weighted blanket when you can have a denim quilt?

Denim quilts are lovingly made with the old jeans and jackets that can no longer be worn, but are too loved to be thrown away. I incorporate as many special areas as possible, including pockets, embroidered details and hand painted desins. Each is truely a one-of-a-kind item, and there is a lot of time and love invested in each one. I accept commisions as well as design original works.

Please note the quilt below is a representative sample of my work. As they are created to order size can be adjusted. I will work with you to create your personal denim quilt!

If you'd like to see a closer picture of the Quilt below, just click on the picture.

Phoenix Gwynne dragon St. Michael Gwynne

If you would like to commision a work, or if you are interested in my other designs, please email me.

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