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About the Artist: Kimberly is a professional quilter and silk painter with an interest in helping others blossom their creativity. She offers workshops on painting on cotton, beginning quilting, silk painting, even sculpy/ fima clay.

She may be contacted here.
Kimberly was also the artistic talent behind the beautiful hand restored treasure chests and steamer trunks offered by The Pirate's Lair, until she passed the baton to her daughter. Those world famous trunks can be found by clicking the link below.

Welcome To The Pirate's Lair -!! Ahoy Matey's and Shivver Me Timbers at the 100 to 150 year old Restored Antique Pirate Chests, Sea Chests and Pirate Treasure Chests: Both Dome Top and Flat Top. Also available are authentic vintage U.S. Navy Nautical Dinnerware and Tableware!

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